Continuous Motion
Continuous Motion
Continuous Motion

Stay Fit, Before and After Baby!

Continuous Motion women all have a common goal: to celebrate the new life within them & their new role as mothers, but most of all to enjoy their pregnancies and babies to the fullest by doing safe and effective pre & post-partum exercises.
Why it is Important to Exercise During Pregnancy?
During pregnancy, your body experiences dramatic physiological changes that require a carefully designed exercise program (this is where we come in!). These naturally occuring changes are not permanent, and the benefits of regular exercise are many! Just to name a few....
  • Improved posture and appearance
  • relief of back pain
  • stronger muscles in preparation for labor & motherhood
  • improved circulation
  • increased flexibility
  • increased/maintained aerobic endurance
  • increased evergy levels
  • less fatigue
  • and best of all - promotion of feelings of well-being and a positive self-image!
Always check with your health care provider for any limitation on your activity before attempting any exercises.

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