Continuous Motion
Continuous Motion
Continuous Motion

Keeping Fitness as a key part of Motherhood is our goal!

Continuous Motion mommas come because they are looking for a non-intimidating, non-gym environment where they can build each other up, help support one another's healthy goals, and get strong!  The BEST part - they get to bring their little one!

Visit the Classes page for class/session/studio details!


Who's ready to feel their best before the holidays?  Let's DO IT together with the LBD 6-week challenge!

Bring friends or curious mommas!  
(separate from session, no registration required)

Always check with your health care provider for any limitation on your activity before attempting any exercises.

We offer the following classes:


Contact Us:
Continuous Motion
Haley Kensok, owner
112 Ohio Street, Ste 101
Bellingham, WA 98225
P. 360.927.7411

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